AnguHashBlog: Name Unveiling and Migration to GitHub Organization

AnguHashBlog: Name Unveiling and Migration to GitHub Organization


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I am delighted to bring you noteworthy updates on the open-source project I initiated recently.

Project Name: AnguHashBlog

The original name of my repo - 'Angular-Headless-Hashnode' was never meant to be the project's official name, it was a description which was needed to communicate the main idea of the project, since apparently not many people have thought of it. Maybe not that many people are as passionate about Angular or Hashnode or combining the two as I am ๐Ÿ˜Š

I was eager to make my idea a reality, so I created the project and the repo first, intending continuous improvement โ€“ a deliberate step to avoid procrastination.

I have overseen numerous projects, and making a name selection has very little to do with whether the project is an open source one or not. In any case using a long name is associated with complexities related to domain selection, SEO, branding, social media, and much more.

Over time, I've distilled my criteria for a project name to these essential requirements:

  • neither too short nor too long

  • sufficiently descriptive

  • yielding relevant google search suggestions

  • not infringing on existing trademarks

Of course, the criteria can extend much further, but for now, these requirements are sufficient. With this in mind, I'm thrilled to introduce the project's current name โ€“ "AnguHashBlog."

From Personal Repo to GitHub Organization

I've moved AnguHashBlog from my personal repository to a GitHub Organization! ๐ŸŽ‰ This was my initial intention, but setting it up required extra time and I wasn't sure if I should do it at an early stage, or wait some more time... But the migration was necessary, maybe I had to learn it the hard way, here are the main reasons for migrating:

1. Effective Project Management:

Managing multiple projects in a monorepo posed challenges. Issues for the diffrent app versions were combined and not as easy to track and manage. The transition allows dedicated repositories for each app version, separate issues, streamlining code maintenance and project oversight.

2. Compliance and Standards:

Ensuring adherence to open-source standards has always been a priority. The move addresses compliance issues that were recently faced and reinforces the commitment to established open source guidelines.

3. Collaboration Clarity:

Moving to an organization reinforces that all collaborations are made towards the project's benefit, not just some repo that belongs to me. I believe this move can make it clearer that the project's guidelines align with universal open-source standards, dispelling any notion that they are arbitrary or unique to this initiative.

4. Room for Growth:

This move is also about providing space for growth and ensuring sustained development. It's a strategic step toward enhanced project management and collaboration.

5. Structured Collaboration:

With AnguHashBlog in a GitHub Organization, members now benefit from clearly defined roles, fostering a more structured and effective collaborative environment.


Huge thanks to everyone for your ongoing support and commitment to project.

New collaborators

are always welcome to join our thriving community! Let's build something incredible together and contribute to the future of AnguHashBlog. Your unique skills and perspectives are valued additions to our diverse team.

Let's bring Angular to Hashnode blogs ๐Ÿš€